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Takapuna Boating Club has partnered with Oceanbridge Limited to manage the Logistics for importing and exporting containers for the event. The following are details about Oceanbridge and indicative costs.

1.   Oceanbridge

Oceanbridge is a privately owned New Zealand international Cargo Company specialising in airfreight and seafreight shipments to and from New Zealand including handling of the full trucking and customs clearance procedures required. We have been in the business of freight & logistics for more than 30 years.

During this time we have worked closely with the yachting and marine world specifically and in that time have developed a special skill and interest in handling boats. 

We can provide you with the full package to/from any country around the world through our dedicated Marine Trade Team.

2.   New Zealand Import/Export Customs and Quarantine Requirements

MAF/Biosecurity - Background

One of New Zealand's greatest assets is its relative geographical isolation. Less than 10% of the world's pests and diseases occur in New Zealand. Being a small island country, known for its lush vegetation, farming and natural beauty, major parts of the economy are dependent on the country's environment. That is why just one new pest or disease could be devastating. It is the job of MAF to ensure that New Zealand remains free from harmful pests & diseases. Strict laws are in place for all travellers and belongings entering New Zealand (by air or sea).

How this relates to the competitors:

  • All equipment is to arrive in a completely clean state when crossing New Zealand’s borders. The condition expected is the equivalent of what you would expect when purchasing new equipment, this includes all peripheral items such as rigging, footwear etc before packing. This is especially important if you have visited a foot and mouth disease infected area.
  • All food products are to be declared – we suggest that no food products arrive with your cargo as a precaution.
  • All containers, once packed must be accompanied by a New Zealand Quarantine Packing Declaration.
  • MAF will most likely inspect cargo of this nature and any charges incurred for cleaning/re-examining will be billed on accordingly.
  • For further information please use the following link www.biosecurity.govt.nz and any queries please contact our Customs Manager – Stephen Pipes stephenp@oceanbridge.co.nz .


How this relates to competitors:

  • For shipping items to New Zealand of a temporary importation nature, Oceanbridge suggest the use of an ATA Carnet. An ATA Carnet is essentially a passport for your goods, enabling you to make all customs arrangements before travel commences, and at a pre-determined cost, which includes an administration fee and a security deposit. The security bond will differ depending on the country and goods for which the carnet is required, and is based on the total value of the goods.
  • The only other option is to arrange a temporary importation into New Zealand, whereby you will be required to pay approx 30% of the CIF value (Cost + Insurance + Freight value). This of course is a difficult process and we would recommend not proceeding down these avenues unless absolutely necessary.
  • You must ensure that along with the boat, all equipment that will accompany your cargo for importation into New Zealand must be declared to Customs to ensure there are no problems with incorrect declarations.
  • Customs may choose to inspect the goods to ensure all declarations are correct and no contraband is present. Any additional charges for inspections carried out will be billed on accordingly.
  • For further information please use the following link www.customs.govt.nz and any queries please contact our Customs Manager – Stephen Pipes stephenp@oceanbridge.co.nz .

3.   Freight Rates

As the event is not scheduled until November 2015, plus the fact the market is constantly changing, please accept the following rates as ball park figures to assist you with your costing purposes.

These rates are only guidelines on the raw freight rates and do not include allowance for:

  • Shipping Line Charges (Security, Documentation, Administration & Terminal Handling/Port Service)
  • Origin Agent (Collection, Handling, Administration, Clearance & Any other required services)
  • Destination Agent (Delivery, Handling, Administration, Clearance & Any other required services)

The below rates reflect a one way voyage but will be similar for both the Import & Export so can be used as a guideline for both.
Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane – 1 x 40’ – USD$500
Thames port/Le Havre/Hamburg/Rotterdam – 1 x 40’ – USD$3350
Long Beach – 1 x 40’ – USD$3000

4.   NZ Local Charges
Once again, as the event is not scheduled until November 2015 and with the market constantly changing. Please accept the following rates as ball park figures to assist you with your costing purposes.
FCL Import Local Charges
New Zealand Port Service:                                                               NZD$650.00 per container
Shipping Line Security:                                                                         NZD$15.00 per container
Port Security:                                                                                                  NZD$30.00 per container
Delivery Order Fee:                                                                                  NZD$45.00 per shipment
Shipping Line Import Doc Fee:                                                     NZD$85.00
MAF Clearance:                                                                                            NZD$200 per shipment (based on passing first MAF inspection)
NZ Import Customs Clearance:                                                  Free of Charge
Cargo unpacking & packing:                                        Oceanbridge plan to set up a make shift Transitional Facility to allow competitors to pack/unpack containers on site at Takapuna Beach. There will be a cost for this process and this will be divided equally amongst the competitors.
Delivery ex Port to Event Transitional Facility:           NZ$450.00 + FAF (Currently 8% as at August 2014)

Any additional charges will be on a POA (Price on Application) basis.

5.   Summary
Oceanbridge Shipping very much look forward to assisting their partners Takapuna Boating Club with hosting another successful event and are more than happy to assist with any enquiries that may come up.

Please feel free to contact either of the below people should you require any further assistance.

Sara Meyer
Marine & Project Cargo Trade Manager
Email: saram@oceanbridge.co.nz
+64 09 489-6070

Stephen Pipes
Customs - Trade Manager
Email: stephenp@oceanbridge.co.nz


Oceanbridge Website:                                                   www.oceanbridge.co.nz

Oceanbridge Shipping Documentation:     Oceanbridge Shipping Documentation

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